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European University
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Why European University at St. Petersburg

- EUSP is a private graduate school and one of the top research universities in humanities and social sciences in Russia

- 14 research centers on political, social, and economic issues of modern Russia

- International team of professors and excellent scholars

- 3:1 student/faculty ratio

- Location in the heart of St.Petersburg, UNESCO World Heritage Site
EUSP International Programs

- MA degree in 1 or 2 years

- All classes in English + intensive Russian language course

- Study Russian, Eurasian Studies and Energy Politics from A to Я

- International atmosphere and study experience with students from North America and Europe

- Individual guidance and 24/7 staff assistance in English
Russian and Eurasian Studies
IMARES Master's degree program focuses on Russia and the post-Soviet Eurasian area. This comprehensive program allows you to study the region thoroughly.
IMARES program
will help you to
Explore the dynamics of post-Soviet transition and domestic politics
Examine cases of conflicts, political violence and terrorism in Russia and Eurasia
Study nationalism in Russian and Soviet imperial contexts
Apply multiple theoretical models to analyze Russian foreign policy
Broaden your perspective on Russian-American relations
Explore Russia's cultural and geographic diversity in the classroom and observe it every day
IMARES Program Courses
Vladimir Gel'man
Political Changes in Post-Soviet Eurasia

Ivan Kurilla
Russian-American Relations from the Historical Perspective

Alexey Miller
Empire and Nationalism in Russia and the Soviet Union

Ekaterina Stepanova
Russia and Armed Conflicts in and beyond Eurasia

Nikita Lomagin
Russian Foreign Policy

Sergei Podbolotov
Russian Political and Social History

Mikhail Troitskiy
Conflict and Cooperation in Eurasia

Gevorg Avetikyan
Between Russia and Iran: History of the South Caucasus in the 19th-20th Centuries

Darya Pushkina
Central Asia States: Making, Breaking and Remaking

Ilya Utekhin
Introduction to Soviet Civilization

Alexander Ivanov
Jewish Life under Bolshevik Rule: Politics, Ideologies, Representations, 1920s–1930s

Workshops with guest lecturers and experts

Russian Language
Career Opportunities

MA degree in Russian and Eurasian Studies helps our alumni to make careers in
  • academia in North America, Europe and Russia;
  • government bodies (e.g. foreign embassies, NASA), national or regional councils and parliaments;
  • international organizations such as The World Bank, European Commission, the International Criminal Court;
  • journalism at The New York Times, NBC News, Helsingin Sanomat, The Moscow Times, etc;
  • private and state companies, as well as NGOs such as IBM, Bank of America, Boeing, Thomson Reuters, Elsevier, Smithsonian Institution;
  • libraries and museums, editorial boards of academic journals and publishers, etc.
      Energy Politics in Eurasia
      ENERPO Master's degree program focuses on Russia's place and impact on global energy affairs.
      ENERPO program
      will help you to
      Define and elaborate the concept of global energy security and national security models
      Understand and explain how energy markets work
      Delve into the clean energy debates
      Examine multilateral trade and cooperation agreements based on international laws and regulations
      Monitor and analyze energy-related information on a weekly basis
      Explore Russia's energy strategy in St. Petersburg – where Gazprom is headquartered
      ENERPO Program Courses
      Nikita Lomagin
      Introduction to Energy Law

      Maxim Titov, Olga Teplova
      Introduction to Sustainable Energy

      Yulia Vymyatnina
      Economics for Energy Markets

      Nikita Lomagin
      Energy Security and Russian Politics

      Irina Mironova
      Energy Security in Asia

      Tatiana Romanova
      Russia-EU Energy Relations

      Nina Poussenkova, Nikolay Kozhanov
      National Oil Companies in the Global Energy Sector: Cases from Russia to the Persian Gulf

      Nikolai Vakhtin
      Energy Policy and Indigenous Population of the Russian Arctic

      Irina Mironova
      Russia's Gas Strategy

      Gevorg Avetikyan
      Seminar on World Oil and Gas Affairs

      Workshops with guest lecturers and experts

      Russian Language
      Career Opportunities

      MA degree in Energy Politics in Eurasia has empowered our alumni to make careers in
      • private and state companies such as S&P Global Platts, Gasunie, Argus Media, Glencore, Gas Plus, Oiltanking Amsterdam B.V., Texas LNG, Elering AS, OSVfinder, and Strabag;
      • government institutions in the USA, UK, Germany, Hungary, and Estonia;
      • academia in Russia, USA, and EU.
        IMARES and ENERPO programs
        available as 1-year & 2-year track
        2 semesters
        4 semesters
        60 ECTS
        120 ECTS
        Starting dates
        twice a year
        Fall 2020
        Spring 2021
        once a year
        Fall 2020
        Entry requirements
        BA degree
        BA degree
        State accredited
        MA degree
        Course selection
        less flexible
        MA thesis
        Russian Language
        2 semesters
        3 semesters
        Visa support
        Visa duration
        90-day visa
        (for each semester)
        2-year multiple entry visa
        Tuition fee
        per track
        per track
        Citizens of Russia and Former Soviet Union countries
        350 000 RUB
        500 000 RUB
        Citizens of all other countries
        17 200 USD
        22 200 USD
        Application deadlines

        October 30, 2020
        to start a 1-year track in February 2021

        April 30, 2021
        to start a 1-year or 2-year track in September 2021
        Steps to apply
        Complete the Application Form
        Send us the required documents
        Attend an online interview
        Wait to receive admission decision
        Our alumni